World Mission Presents, David Staton - The Great Commission Tour 2015

World Mission will present The Great Commission Tour 2015, featuring David Staton.  The tour will serve a much greater purpose than simply promoting an artist or event.  With a strong focus on evangelism, these events will focus and work with local churches strategically on engaging the community around them, and facilitating each church in getting the public to attend the event.  "When a local church is serious about reaching the people around them, planning shifts from promoting an artist to promoting an event that appeals to people who have no church affiliation.  World Mission is serious about reaching people and so am I.  I am so honored to be partnering with them to fulfill the great commission locally and around the world," says Staton.  If we are serious about reaching people who are outside of the church, we have to look beyond the celebrity status of a Christian artist.  After all, people outside of the church don't know who the most famous Christian artist is anyway.  The fact that David has worked with Wynonna Judd and others that people outside of the church will recognize, gives any church leverage to attract people who would normally never come to a Christian event.  Once they attehd, the music will not disappoint and the message will always change lives.

If your church is serious about reaching people, we want to help.  Bring the Great Commission Tour to your area or church this spring or summer in 2015.  Email all scheduling inquiries to,