What would it look like if your core group—the backbone of your church—was prayerfully and actively seeking to share the good news with their unchurched, unsaved loved ones?

God has led me into a timely ministry that He is using to awaken Christians with a call to action. I have been involved in music evangelism all of my life, am ordained through my home church, FBC in Joelton, Tennessee, and sang back up for Wynonna Judd until last year.
But not long ago, God really began dealing with me to deepen my ministry, both personally and professionally. I have been blessed to have written music for most of the well known Christian music artists through the years. But when I sat down to write a particular song a few years ago, I knew that my life and ministry would never be the same. This is what I wrote:
What if somehow He let you know
He’s coming back by this time tomorrow?
What would you do? How would you pray?
Who would you call? What would you say?
Would you be a little more concerned
if you knew He would return
by this time tomorrow?
I had shared the gospel countless times on stage, under the lights with great music behind me, but as I read these lyrics, God convicted me. Suddenly faces of people that I’d known for most of my life flashed through my mind. Folks who knew I was a Christian and I knew they were not, yet I had never personally shared the gospel with them one-on-one.
Imagining what if I might do if I were somehow given divine knowledge of when Christ would return, I started putting together a plan of action and the results have been incredible. I do not believe for a minute that the response to the gospel is because I’m good at what I do or because I’ve figured out some magic formula. I believe it’s simply because I did something.
LifeWay® did a survey not long ago where participants were asked if they ever prayed for their lost friends and family when they are not in church. Only 20% said that they prayed for their friends and family outside of church. If only 20% prayed for their lost, how many do you think are speaking up and sharing the gospel with them?
I have since written a book that is in the process of being completed based on the content of the song. In the book, as well as in my meetings, I have people make a list of just 3 people who they have never sat down and shared the gospel with. Imagining that if we somehow knew Christ would return in 24 hours, we examine our own lives. Then we commit to praying for those on our list, contacting them, and either sharing the gospel personally OR doing everything possible to get those people to the final service of the event, which is a concert. That night, many of the people on those prayer lists are sitting in the pews where they hear not just a concert, but the gospel presented and I give them a chance to respond.
Please prayerfully consider scheduling a 3-meeting event in 2015. Many churches will have me come in for a concert first where we can get acquainted and then schedule the 3-session event later.
I am excited at what God is doing and honored that He allows us to be a part of it!
As a child, I dreamed of being in music.  I grew up singing gospel music and went on the road professionally right out of high school.  In recent years I found myself singing back up for country music superstar, Wynonna Judd while running a record label on Nashville’s music row.  I have a beautiful family and I was making a comfortable living doing what I loved.  One day I sat down to write a song and God used what I was writing to wake me up!
Music has taken me into literally thousands of churches.  I’ve watched some thrive and many more die.  What I have seen over the last 20 years is the church in general fall into a coma like sleep.  We know what will happen to those who never put their faith in Christ, but will there be consequences for those who know what will happen and do nothing to sound the alarm?  The answer is YES!  We have to wake up!

 “This event was like a breath from heaven for our congregation!  I know it will have a lasting effect on our church!” 
Pastor Glenn Randall
Crossroads Assembly of God / Albertville, AL
We prayed for revival, what we got was an awakening!”
Pastor David Grove
Ebenezer Church (United Brethren In Christ) / Greencastle, PA

David Staton