A friend of mine who is in gospel music recently posted something on facebook that got my attention.  He said, "I wonder if there are islamic Quartets that go across the country singing in mosques?"  I know he meant for this to be funny, but it really made me think.  Obviously, we know there are no islamic quartets or music groups that tour.  The bigger questions we should ask is; why aren't there?  I mean, surely the islamic world needs someone to encourage them as they struggle to get through the week.  They certainly need someone to come sing songs about the 70 virgins that will be waiting for the faithful followers of allah.  I know there has to be those who have had their feelings hurt in a mosque and they need a ministry that tells them everything will be alright and allah loves them.  Does this sound ridiculous?  Do you know why they don't see the need for such "ministries?"  The answer is obvious and convicting.  They are too focused and determined with their mission. 

I have sung in countless churches in my lifetime and the two main topics that churches want a preacher to preach on and singers to sing about are encouragement and heaven.  We say we believe what the Bible says and that Christ has overcome death, hell and the grave and He has redeemed us, but bless our hearts, we've been hurt by someone in the church and we just need some encouragement.  It's either encouragement we want, or a good old song about heaven to make us look forward to what Christ has prepared for each one of us.  Both of these should lead us and motivate us to the mission that God has commanded each one of us to do?  I used to hear songs about heaven and imagine how it will be for me.  It made me feel good to think about how I'll have a mansion, and other luxuries that this world's wealth could never afford.  All for me, all about me, won't it be wonderful there for me.  Don't ask me to think about those who are around me right now who will not be in heaven, but rather in eternal torment.  Who are these lost people that we like to clump into one group of "evildoers?"  I'll tell you who they are.  They are people in our family, friends we've known for years and co-workers that we have never shared the gospel with.  We assume that they know what we know and somehow that excuses us from ever having to make sure.

The mission is simple.  Share the gospel!  Study, learn how to share the gospel and do it.  When Jesus said, "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men," that means that He will teach us how to fish.  You can do it when you realize that the mission is why we're here.  The people in our lives are there for that very reason.  It is our mission!