Call your local radio station!

I have finished all dates in 2013 and I'm ready to enjoy a great Christmas with my family.  However, I will hit the ground running in 2014.  Starting in January, call your local radio station and request 2 songs in particular.

1. DO IT BY THE BOOK - David Staton
Many gospel music fans will remember this song that I wrote.  It was recorded by Gold City in 1990 and was the first song I ever had recorded by a professional 
group.  The message of this song is more relevant today than it's ever been.  I kind of brought it up to date musically with a slightly different feel.  If you're driving  
when you hear it, watch your speed.  It will get you on down the road!

2.  IF HE HADN'T BEEN THERE - Glass Temple
Many of you have asked about me and some of the guys that were with me in Palmetto State.  We are doing select dates and the name of the group is Glass Temple.  These are the same guys that sang back up for Wynonna with me and I know you will love this song!

Both singles are on the RPM volume one comp disc as well as the Song Garden Music Group, Volume 13 comp disc.  Radio can also download both at  My latest project is available on itunes.


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