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I have often said that if we as Christians could ever really grasp what happened on the cross, it would rock our world and change everything. Our impact on those around us and the results of our lives would be drastically different. Have you ever wondered why the turning point for any championship sport’s team is the coaching staff? The leadership provided by the coach does not change the physical limitations of the team, but they do change the mental limitations. A great coach makes his team realize who they are and who they can be. When a coach is successful in doing this, the results are amazing. The players become more than members of the team, or someone who just wears the uniform, they become champions! They win! 

The Apostle Paul compared our Christian life to a sport. We all play, but the goal is to keep your eyes on what’s ahead and finish well. We all finish, but some finish well. Billy Graham finished well! My dad finished well! If heaven is your only goal, then one could say that we all “win,” but I believe that when we receive Christ, and the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in the deepest part of who we are, we get way more than just a ticket to heaven. I believe because scripture teaches that we receive power. In fact, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in us! Do we really grasp what that means? I don’t think we do. Why do I think this? I don’t see much power, transformation, earth quaking, mountain moving, hell shaking results from the majority that wear the team uniform. I don’t see much winning. This frustrates me. As a matter of fact, it frustrated me to the point that I wanted a coach. If the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of me, then I don’t want to cross the finish line worn out, defeated, clinging to my ticket to heaven. I want to finish strong. I want to win! That means I had to expand my thinking outside of denominational barriers and absorb truth. I turned to scripture and prayer and God has sent coaches into my life that have convinced me that I can access that power! I can win! 2 Corinthians 5:21 says “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 

I have two beautiful daughters. Katherine is 10 and Grace is 15. Both have chosen to follow Christ and are saved, but for kids today, life is tough. Peer pressure today is ending lives. Suicide, death from that first time trying drugs, and having sex even before your body is fully matured is what kids today wake up with every morning. When my girls were saved, I explained to them exactly how God made them (Spirit, Soul, and Body), and explained to them what happened when they surrendered their lives to Christ. I’m amazed that you rarely hear this taught in most churches, but it is foundational to understanding who we are. They memorized 2 Corinthians 5:21 and now every morning before they go to school, I ask them, “Do you know who you are?” They reply out loud, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ!” The other night, Grace told me that since she has been declaring that out loud every morning, something has happened. She went on to tell me that when she is about to make a choice, no matter how big or small, something inside her lets her know which one is the right choice and which one is the wrong choice. She told me that making a wrong choice is now gut-wrenching. So what happened? Rather than letting her behavior determine who she is, she is letting her identity determine her behavior! She is beginning to realize exactly who dwells in her spirit, and who she is because of it. Declaring it every morning makes her more and more aware. There are only two times when we are not a threat to the enemy. There are only two times when we are not in the race; before we start (before we are a Christian) and after we cross the finish line (in Heaven). What happens in between those two times is when we are in the game. Run the race, don’t just wear the uniform. Make a difference! Win! Finish well! 

David Staton


I want to thank so many friends and family for praying for me.  Just before Christmas, Bill Gaither called me and asked me to audition for the GVB.  Over the last 6 weeks, I’ve been talking with Bill and even recorded a song from their latest project as part of the process of being considered as the fifth vocalist in this legendary group.  Needless to say, I’m extremely honored that he would reach out to me.  I’m not sure which guy he is going to choose, but I’m sad to let you know that it will not be me.  Bill contacted me today and told me that he has decided to go in a different direction.  I was praying that God would open that door but who knows what will happen down the road.  Since God called me into the ministry of music, I have sang for 70 people and I’ve sang for 70,000.  So what will I do now?  I will continue to sing and share where He sends me.  During the audition process many of you told me in gest, “Don’t forget me when you end up with the GVB.”  Now I ask you to not forget me when I’m not with GVB.  On the upside, I can now be booked without the possibility of having to reschedule around the GVB schedule! 

Call your local radio station! 

I have finished all dates in 2013 and I'm ready to enjoy a great Christmas with my family.  However, I will hit the ground running in 2014.  Starting in January, call your local radio station and request 2 songs in particular.

1. DO IT BY THE BOOK - David Staton
Many gospel music fans will remember this song that I wrote.  It was recorded by Gold City in 1990 and was the first song I ever had recorded by a professional 
group.  The message of this song is more relevant today than it's ever been.  I kind of brought it up to date musically with a slightly different feel.  If you're driving  
when you hear it, watch your speed.  It will get you on down the road!

2.  IF HE HADN'T BEEN THERE - Glass Temple
Many of you have asked about me and some of the guys that were with me in Palmetto State.  We are doing select dates and the name of the group is Glass Temple.  These are the same guys that sang back up for Wynonna with me and I know you will love this song!

Both singles are on the RPM volume one comp disc as well as the Song Garden Music Group, Volume 13 comp disc.  Radio can also download both at www.musictoradio.com.  My latest project is available on itunes.




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